I couldn’t let this evening pass by without putting out some photo goodness.

The other day on my photo walk through downtown, I was specifically looking to get some Library shots. With someone in mind I won’t name here, cough Kathleen. 😉

Upon my initial approach, I was hoping to get the building in full frame. But… when I arrived, I KNEW this wasn’t going to the case. No wide angle lens in the collection as of yet, so alas I failed in this first goal.

However, I do believe the initial battle lost improved upon the ending result. As I buzzed around this building like a pissed off bumblebee, I noticed these paired buildings come across my glass. The first thing that came to mind, was the old optical illusion of straight lines making a curve on a graph. We remember geometry class and the day this little trick officially blew our mind. I think that also doubled as entry into man(woman)hood when we realize the world is definitely not what it seems. 😉

I fired off countless brackets of this frame, while hugging this building like a newborn. Downtown Chicago is by no means tripod friendly. So don’t even try. Best to make due with the only tripod available, your arms, knees and surroundings. Let us all raise our glasses to “Rapid Fire”.

Aside from that, I truly love this building. The texture and layout of the masonry is exquisite. And only in HDR have I found it properly represented. Black and White just wouldn’t fit here. This is something else I love about just throwing my bag over my shoulder, popping in some ear buds, jumping on the red line and hitting up the hustle and bustle of downtown. The architecture alone will keep you coming back for more.