Yesterday, I decided to take a long walk through the downtown of my current city of residence, Chicago. My intended focus was street photography with a desire for black and white post production. I figured, when looking for subjects that would best fit this criteria, where better than this amazing city?So to the Red Line I go. Getting off at the Jackson stop began my adventure. It took only moments to find my first subject. A duo band playing for the public on the Jackson CTA platform. This is a perfect example of what I love about this city. The artistic relationship old and young, poor and well off all share. Here we have a a kid with a nice guitar and stack, rocking it out with a man in obvious financial discomfort, using the materials available to him. A snare, cymbal stabilized by a milk crate and a 5gal bucket. But god damn did he make these items sing.

This was by far one of the neatest most impressive platform shows I have witnessed. It broke my heart that I had no cash to drop for them. Even if all I had was a ten or twenty it would have had a happy home in these guys hand. I spoke with some people and found out the drummer actually does these shows in various CTA venues downtown. So I intend on searching him out again for another viewing and a definite financial gift.

Here below are some of these shots.

Can’t wait to see this show again soon.

More photos from this walk, coming up next.