I grabbed this shot after making a surprise discovery running an errand for work. I nearly wrecked when I crained my neck driving by. Its an actual structure, roughly 6 stories high, leaned about 10-20% off center. Quite impressive, I must admit. Especially for a structure built and apparently associated as a show piece for a local hotel. You have to love Chicago.

After work I was simply going to go home and try to make a return trip in the coming days, but the clouds were to nice to pass up. So I buzzed 20 minutes north to take a seat on a grassy knoll and snap this bad boy up. I took a few perspectives, close and far, but this landscape style with only a portion of the tower gave me the photographic power I was striving for. The downside was since it was directly from work, I had no tripod… so the triple shot had to be hand held. Came out alright for my liking though.

I hope you equally enjoy.