I must admit, walking along the streets of Chicago with a camera in hand is my new drug of choice. Hey there’s exercise in it. Be it bike or foot, I’m pumping out some calories. So rock on.

Anyway, here we have a view of the Music Box Theater in Lakeview along N. Southport. Its definitely a wonderful theater to look at, but I must admit – I have yet to attend a show here.

Unlike your common Wehrenberg or Kerosotes theater, this place showcases the independent gold that would generally be withheld from our entertaining eyes, by the mainstream.  On top of that, they host some very wild “Themed” marathons. One such evening was a trippy old school sci-fi grouping throughout the night. Great flicks like Escape from New York, The Blob, The Thing… and a few more classics. Theaters do not get much better than that. I’ll take quality over mainstream any day.

So after a series of different angles and distances I found the dramatic effect I was striving for. This is a huge front neon sign and deserving of the most dramatic grandeur I could muster. I do hope that I have given this neat ass theater the respectful interpretation it demands.

I guess on that note, a night of sci-fi flicks will be now be added to the calendar.

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Camera Data

Model:Canon EOS REBEL T2i
Shutter Speed:1/250 second
Focal Length:28 mm
Date Taken:Sep 4, 2011, 7:18:02 PM
Software:Adobe Photoshop CS5 Macintosh/HDR Efex Pro
Sensor Size:18mm