Yours truly just got a new toy. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

The mechanical monstrosity of awesomeness (least to me) that you see here, is the Manfrotta/Bogen 3236 Tripod. Standing up to 74″ in height, she can peek where most cannot. Take note in the pic, I am 6′ tall, 😉 It can also squat as low as 16.5″… for those under the vehicle shots. Or to film those rats in the back alley, up close and personal. Remote shutter of course. No rabies for me.

Anyway, this thing is built like a bloody tank. I mean seriously, besides the knobs to tighten joints, its an anodized aluminum build. And even the knobs are made out of some bad ass condensed plastic. Besides the general build, its geared for smooth raising of the scope (which is extremely solid when locked in place.) Seriously…it would take a west coast shake, to give this bugger a rattle.

On top of this bad boy, is a Bogen 3047 pan/tilt head. Smooth as butter, near matrixy in motion. The neatest part is the multi-directional movement you can achieve with only two hands. To get such motion, I would have assumed I needed to be a damn octopus. But this proved me wrong. Absolutely cannot wait to give this a go with video. This head, like its mounted partner below, is also built like a freight liner. I genuinely believe I could knock it off a cliff face and the only thing that I would worry about would be my camera. 😉

So that said, a little backstory to drop on the cherry. My awesome parents came up to the old windy city to visit this week. Do a lil father and son porch repair and let them explore the local thrift shops and yard sales. They are impeccable yard sale hawks. I am always amazed in their finds. Many of which are bestowed to Jane and I. A vintage sixties coffee table that has lasted the test of time, as well as a lantern shaped lamp that has been my staple bed side piece for multiple apartments.

Anyway, I have been talking like an equipment junky with them over the phone for a couple weeks, while I scan the local stores and internet for tripod porn. Trying to decide on what Manfrotta setup I would drop the cash on. Well, once they got up here we discussed various pros and cons to various tripod systems and what to look for if one was stumbled upon. So while at work today, I get the following pic message

“$75, u want?”

I jotted out a quick message back, “whats the brand…? … Mind you, I’m at work dealing with clients, and seeing this picture on a tiny smart phone screen, didn’t help my excitement build properly, at first. Plus, $75 at either a thrift shop or yard sale (this assumed their assumed locale), seemed awful high… so I was initially hesitant.

But I took a abrupt break from the office the moment I zoomed in and saw the strap more vividly – “Bogen.” While trying not to wet myself, I ask them to try and haggle (cheeky), but definitely get it. Apparently they initially walked away (the same time another interested party had.) Luckily, much to the chagrin of the opposing possible buyer, they came back 2 seconds faster than he…. and scored.

Yay for me!

The funny part is the fact, while at work, I assumed for a much smaller device. When I got out of work and walked to the garage to see, I was quite surprised to see the mid-level portable I assumed it to be was actually a monumental monster. A pleasant and unexpected surprise on a Sunday afternoon.

Can’t wait to share some shots taken using this bad boy.

Sidenote: 10 Points to mom and dad for their AWESOME yard sale expertise. Thank you guys so damn much, I love ya. You’ve always supported me, in my “starving artist” dreams. 😉
Oh and from the looks of the picture up top, its Travis approved. 😉

Word to everyone… Love and appreciate your folks. They are the biggest fans of your dreams.