Here we have an Oldsmobile stationed haphazardly, in a back alley. I nabbed this photograph the same night Nate and I had to fend off the paranoid kitchen workers. The old girl wasn’t in the best of condition, with the rusty spots around the wheelwell. No worries, the reflections on the bumper and trunk were more than perfection in my eyes.

Gazing on the red tones of this image already makes me sad that Winter in Chicago is right around the corner. As such, I felt compelled to push the HDR extents of the image. Toeing the exaggeration line, but as with most of my pieces, this is a choice of the shooter and if ya don’t like it, then I do string torn and tattered violins. 😉

Kidding of course, as always, please feel free to let me know what you like and do not like about this image. Criticism paired with praise make us all better at what we love.

Camera Data


Make: Canon
Model: Canon EOS REBEL T2i
Shutter Speed: 1/4 second
Aperture: F/2.0
Focal Length: 50 mm
Date Taken: Aug 31, 2011, 10:55:22 PM
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Macintosh/HDR Efex Pro
Sensor Size: 6mm