Here are some more images taken from our trip to San Francisco. This set features a few more from an absolutely stunning, grassy hill with a curved path that our friend Steven took us down. It was exquisite. He told us that his Yoga instructor takes them to this hill often during their group and individual classes. The reasoning is obvious.
The seclusion in the thick trees that over hang the path. The colorful parrots, left from some bygone owner riddle the trees and hummingbirds buzz around tall flowers… even in October. What was even better, the view from a tiny clearing on the top. We even walked upon a gentleman practicing his martial arts at a path intersection that opened out to a view similar to that of my previous post. I don’t object to his choice on practice location. Stunning view.
This little green guy in the photo above was squawking and chirping madly while we walked under them. I felt compelled to shoot him for a bit and I am glad that I did. This picture was the result of an image at the tail end of the shoot. At this point the little fella flips down with a berry in his mouth, as if saying, “hey… do you want a bite?” It was great.

The third (in accordance with my last post) and final image I have completed from this little area is of a zippy lil hummingbird that buzzed all around a small stacking of purple flowers. Unfortunately at the time of the shoot I accidentally left my exposure to dark and ended up with a string of extremely dark images. Thank god for RAW. See kids, live and learn and then shoot RAW.

It was a chore sneaking up on this little guy.

— Click a picture move forward, click a picture move forward — 

The funniest part of this episode was that it wasn’t even me that scared him away in the end. Instead there was some minor construction going on adjacent to me and after a big thud and the little guys departure, I looked left and ended up having an inadvertent staring contest with the worker that dropped an arm full of wood planking to the ground below.

We weren’t pleased with each other. haha. But it was fun none the less.

All in all, a great shoot and finishing up these photos make me miss San Francisco that much more. Can’t wait to get back.