Sorry to unlesh a Mass of images at you, but I just got back from “Occupy Chicago.” I initially intended to visit and merely float around, taking shots. However, my fiancee and I got caught up in the moment and joined in. We marched from Jackson/LaSalle to The Horse (Michigan and Congress). Chanting and banging our fists the whole way.See photos after the break….

I grabbed a mass of photos and video between chants, which merely translates as “Many More to Come” ;-)… As for this set… after I got home I went into manic-edit mode and couldn’t pull myself away from a production line form of post finish. Picture after picture continued drawing my interest and yearning to see it finished and in all its glory.

This was so much fun, and empowering. To really lift your voice with 2000 other passionate individuals from both sides of the aisle and all walks of life. And to boot, peacefully and passionately. I guess I will have a story to tell my likely to be accidental, future spawns. 😉
I hope this helps translate the energy we felt this evening.