A quick video I took while at Occupy Chicago last evening. My apologies for some of the shaky moments. Not easy to hold a DSLR at the end of a fully extended tripod steady for long amounts of time ;-). Will pull together a final edited version. But in the nature of time and being all fast and all that… here is the rough draft. 😉

We met up with the protest at Jackson and LaSalle in downtown chicago around 6:30pm. Initially my intention was merely to take photos and video. Ya know, record the moment. But the political advocate in me (which has always been strong) fell right into the mix. My fiancee included. I love her and her equal passion to these things.

So away we went chanting and pounding our fists to the movement. Adding our voice as it carried through the streets of Chicago, IL. Making sure our words are heard.

We began marching from Jackson/LaSalle to Michigan/Congress around 7pm and gathered at the foot of “The Horse.” There were about 2,000 of us estimates claim and every person was as loud as the next. It was wonderful and uplifting.

We departed early, sadly, but news spread that around 11:25pm the cops there (which there were MANY) began initiating warnings that the crowds must disperse due to the 11pm ordinance on city park areas. Its a bit odd, since NY allowed the people to remain in the park 24/7 for weeks. But either way, they enacted this law and by late wee early hours in the AM, about 175 people were arrested. All of them leaving with the police officers peacefully onto CPD vans and a CTA bus that was borrowed for the crowd of protesters. Some voluntarily jump on the bus to expedite the action, others a bit differently. One gentleman in particular went limp and it took 4 officers to carry him away.

Tents were cut open and protesters removed, other tents were seized and intended to be returned shortly after. We’ll see how that plays out.

This was one of the most powerful things I have been a part of in a long time. I am an advocate at heart and have been for many years, specifically in the Marijuana movement. Still doing that too by the way. But this movement is inspiring and just as important, if not far more so. Its the showing of the people, to rise up and let their voice be heard.

We are many, and we are strong. We will fight, and we will never back down. The people make the country, the leaders are few and merely run it. Never piss off the people who follow you.

Take a note from history. We will humble you.