While in San Francisco, we decided to take a ride over to Berkeley, CA. Across that handsome bridge, and I’m not even talking about Golden Gate. Seems like this city has a view from all directions.

Anyway, while there, we strolled through the campus of the University of California – Berkeley. Wow, more and more I am being swayed to move here. Case in point, this is the reason for the trip to Berkeley (scouting future domiciles). The image above was a perspective test on the monstrous Redwood trees that litter this green campus. I wanted something that really reached out there. Giving you that feeling of tunnel vision, but at the same time, serenity. I think it works better when seeing it with its sister image from the same cluster.

Which leads me to the next image.

Now this image, I felt it was required to focus on the grassy area, that outside of its natural view, on this side of the fence gave you the notion there was a “keep off the grass” sign somewhere. But thats the bliss of this town… That sign does not exist here. Or likely no where. Its beauty with appreciation. A combination that so few other cities can brag about.

Hope you dig.