After feeling like I ran into a dry well of photos in my archive, I stepped away for a few days. I wanted to allow myself some time to “forget,” ya know. Allow that new inner light to gain some luminance and return to my library after I recharged.

We should all do this from time to time. Especially when you feel like you have ran out of worthy photographs for post production. Gives your mind some time to really get inspired again.

For this image, I had already completed one photograph from the same location. Early on I assumed it would be in vain doing two images of the same subject. I had the double down mentality and didn’t want to take the steam from either of them. Well after I rested my inner eye, I figured, “To hell with that notion” and readdressed this corridor.

Very glad I did, because to me this gives an entirely different feel of the walls. Not to mention the addition of the path and the steps across the way. I feel both now stand on their own and wanted to share.

Hope ya dig.