Finished a few more pieces from Cairo, IL in the last few days and now have fast enough internet that will allow me to upload images. Main reason for the delay in my posts is also related here. While down south, I seldom remember how abysmal the connection speed of the internet in the area. Quite, QUITE slow… Less than 1mbs up/down likely at any given time. This was not playing nice with Smugmug, Facebook or Google. Let alone the full size versions I wish to share hand in hand with my images below. Anyway, a few days late… I give to you … more Cairo, haha

Another building that shows the ongoing sadness that has befallen this once thriving and growing city on the river. Its amazing how far Cairo has fallen from how big it had become. [READ More]

Cairo reached a population plateau of over 15,000 residents in the 1920s. But after the poverty, lack of jobs, diminishing education funding, bureaucratic turmoil and further issues… the city population began loosing residents at an astounding rate shortly after the 20s when each decade saw between 1,000 and 3,000 making an exodus.


With this persistent decay, violent crime and lack of focused attempt in renovating the city to quell this exodus… arson and flood has further ravaged the buildings. Some wiped out completely, in recent years. An example of that can be seen in my last post “Four Survivors.” The interior features of the pictures above is from an abandoned building near the flood gate. Full of beer bottles, old cloths, trash and pretty much any of the fine items expected in a stereotypical ran down crack house.

This train car rests idly by the entrance to the river. The tracks are cut in both directions, and frankly I cannot remember the last time this was moved. Wheels are probably fused its sat so long. Definitely a beautiful image if you look at it in the right light though.