Hello wonderful peoples.  I have some great news to share with you all. I just got back from Downtown Chicago, after a couple hours of hanging my work for a gallery show. The amazingly generous location allowing me to bestow my work to their clientelle…. Caribou Coffee at “10 S LaSalle, Chicago, IL.” Click the pic above for map information.

The people there are so friendly, and the coffee ain’t bad either ;-). Also, they are putting the finishing touches on a new general Lobby area to the building. This will set up a perfect place to come in, grab a coffee and simply hang out and rest your feet for a while.

My good mate, Nate, was a huge factor in making this a reality. This would not be possible without his recommendations and appreciation of what I have to offer. After their expressed need to incorporate more artwork on their walls, he began vetting my talents and talking me up to the point they had the confidence in blindly offering me the space. I say blindly, in relation to the limited exposure I had to the owners of the establishment. Thank you so much for that.

As for this showing, eventually I decided on 5 featured prints. Was going to be 6, but as we began, I realized that I had over estimated my numbers and I just did not want to over burden the wall with a cluster of images that would spread the focus to thin. More of a personal decision, since it likely would have worked, but it just didn’t feel right. So I went with my gut on this one. More is not always better. K.I.S.S……… The artwork that lost the straw pull was “A Different Wrigley.” It has however found a fitting home on our wall in the dining room. So no loss there.

Anyway, the obvious piece, being my flagship photo, “Chicago Leviathan” was my primary interest.  Its set up directly adjacent to the entry space, on the right of the room. This piece will pull your attention the moment you arrive and that was my goal. I love this city and felt that a true tribute to the beautiful sky line would be the most fitting feature when you walk in.

Next, as you walk toward the back hallway… you will come upon “Big Willy” which is anchored on your left… followed by “Towering Flight,” “Lakewood at Night” and finally “Ego Kills Talent” bids you a fond farewell as you depart the back door to Caribou.

I mulled over numerous options of expressing my brand per each individual piece. But in the end, I decided that I didn’t want any marks, names or marketing printed on any photo or matting directly. So I printed out a handful of 4×6 identity cards to post up to the right of the photos in their respective locations. You can see the technique in images above. I would also like to note that I wanted minimal wording. So as a sacrifice, I decided not to associate any “names/titles” with the photos. Instead I merely went with “RE Casper Studio .com” printed on said 4×6 cards. In this simple way, it had my brand, my name AND a website for customers to pick up prints.

Fingers crossed that my outlook of marketing in a minimalistic style will translate to the masses with enough information, as I have it imagined in my mind. 😉

Time will tell.

The most facinating aspect of this show, or rather… the advantage of the venue… is the opportunity to rotate my work in and out as the seasons (and my work) changes. This way I will not run into a stagnant viewership and I can continue using this as a rotating “billboard” of sorts, for my work. Best of all worlds, and I was VERY fortunate to attain such a break.

That said, I would like to express Major gratitude to Nathanael Card for his recommendation, of my work, to his employers. And to Caribou Coffee, for their generosity and confidence in putting their faith in me. Thank you all SOOOO much for all your kindness and appreciation of my artwork.

Now I would like to acknowledge my appreciation for the wonderful patrons of Caribou Coffee with a 15% discount on any piece from my gallery. Please use discount code “CaribouCoffee4You

Thank you again everyone, and I hope you enjoy the Gallery.