– Photo from B&H Photo

Well after a few days of anticipation I am now tossed head first into an additional wait time to get my new Tokina 11-16mm.

Last week during the old cyber Monday insanity, I decided to just bite the bullet and click the Buy Button. I had been yearning for this lens for quite some time. And by the end of Monday, I’m surprised I hadn’t wore my fingerprint off after the amount of time I had hovered reluctant to click the confirm link. I think we have all been there and felt that. You start second guessing the purchase once you hit that last screen. You start calculating expenses, bills, upcoming trips, etc. To me its always the most difficult screen to get past. But it was worth getting that confirmation email, telling you that your lens has shipped and will be in your hands very soon. That definitive feeling that, YES, I am FINALLY actually getting the lens. Check one off wishlist…

But alas, these exciting moments are not without their air sucking, gut shots. Those deflating moments that just remove all the excitement in one fell swoop. I’m speaking of course of shipment delays and the greatly feared, “defective unit” arrival. Yes, you dive through your brown shipment box like wrapping paper during a childhood christmas. You see the simple but effective packaging, displaying what beauty lies within. You retreat to a more careful approach at this moment. Effectively yet gently opening the lid and setting the instructions and warranty sheet to the side. You don’t want to make any marks on your new toy. Then as you study the new glass lovingly, it happens.

Something just sucks the air out of your red balloon. In this case it was the focus ring. On the Tokina, the focus ring clicks in its entirety from manual to auto. Quite the neat design, but in this case very unfortunate. I attempt to click it into manual, and what’s this? Something doesn’t feel right, I look more closely, giving it another more scrutinized test. Wait, those lines aren’t lining up. “Oh no,” I think to myself. I pop it on my camera. At this point hoping that its just the design. Doesn’t feel very stable, but maybe I’m wrong here.

I double check that its in Auto, not that it wouldn’t be anyway, since it doesn’t really stay in Manual. I bring the camera up, point at the tv, hit click to focus…. nothing….. I pull it away from my eye, check my settings, check the focus ring. The camera settings are correct, even the lens is showing Auto. So I bring it back to my eye… click to focus… nothing. “What the Fuck, is this?” At this point, I fall prey to anger.

So whats the first thing I do, I blame B&H… I curse, I complain to my fiancee and rationalize what B&H did wrong. But reason eventually steps in… “Hey this happens, its not their fault, its no ones fault. Just a stroke of disappointing bad luck.”

I contacted B&H by phone today, inform them of the issue and they politefully send me my RMA number and a pre-paid UPS tag (I love them for UPS, USPS be damned)… and this was immediate, on a Sunday to boot. At this moment I would like to state, it does suck not having customer service access on Saturdays. But that’s the way it is, and hey that’s ok. Patience is a virtue (which sadly I lack in many ways).

So there you have it. That’s where I currently stand, sitting here with my eager anticipation rebuilding by the minute awaiting my new (again, lol) toy.

The best things in life, the best feelings gained…. are from things we must work and wait for.

I just want to note that, my initial blame toward B&H was not a review of their service, merely short lived and temper induced. Patience is not one of my virtues. But I do appreciate B&H very much and they are handling my return very kindly and promptly.