Happy holidays everyone. My apologies for the large delay in putting up my thoughts and photos. The holidays are always a busy time for us. Traveling, socializing and lots of go go go, with only a few moments to stop and enjoy.So, now that I have escaped for a bit to sit down and type – while the rest of the family is watching A Christmas Story – this will give me some time to talk about this weekend and a few upcoming images from the trip.Boonville is a river city in upper mid Missouri where my fiancee’s family is from. It’s a quant little town with a deep rooted history that I am always learning something about. It actually reminds me of Cairo, IL in some ways. At least, without the whole dying aspect that has gripped Cairo over the years.

Boonville itself, is located directly on the Missouri river displaying its historical homes and buildings for all the passer by tow boats. One of these houses my fiancee’s parents own and reside. Truly a beautiful site and we get the honor of sleeping in what was once the maid’s quarters. ;^)… Trust me, its not as bad as it sounds. Besides the fact its the only place in the house I can get a cell phone signal, its also overlooking the backyard and a large portion of the residential area of the town. A great site and cellular advantage. So no complaints here.

I remember staying here for a month or so during our transition to Chicago. Ya gotta love it when one lease ends and a month is laid out before the new apartment is available. But it was great regardless. Family makes such setbacks worthwhile.

Anyway, just got a lil teaser from the upcoming photos ready to show you at this point…

Boonville, MO – North Central location – South facing perspective – Tokina 11-16mm 
For the last couple of days I have been running around visiting friends and family recording all the gift giving, food gorging goodness. Last night I even had the honor of taking some family shots for a buddy of mine who was kind enough to invite me over to meet his family. It’s funny, I have known him for some years now, but had never once met his Columbia, MO blood aside from his amazing wife, Tammy and two beautiful children, Cole and Leslie. Not to mention extremely talented.

My god has time flown. I swear they both have grown a foot since last I visited. Father time can be confusing, thats for sure.

I have to admit, it was quite a difficult lighting situation from the standpoint of photography. Aside from my complete avoidance of ever using flash (more personal choice, than quality control) the primary light source was lamps and ambient glowing ornaments. So the nervousness kicked in the moment my LCD came to life. I would like to note that I am of the night time long exposure, or daytime inanimate object approach. People aren’t usually my target subjects unless on the street, but never the less I had an absolute BLAST clicking away. It also helps that Brett’s family is one of the most attractively beautiful bunches I have had the honor of knowing. So that made my job easier.

I tried a number of settings, bring the ISO up, down… tripod mounted, hand held… and with people, the shutter speed was even far less lenient. Since the joy and cheer was high and the ability to hold still … very low, my camera was screaming for relief, haha. I loved it – the camera did not. ;^)

Sadly I will not be sharing any of these images on my blog. At least not yet. Remember this people… when shooting family and friends, get your series complete and then be sure to have permission from everyone before dishing out personal photos to the world. This is immensely important, especially when it comes to those close to you. What you may find beautiful, they may find less than desirable for mass consumption.

Now its Christmas afternoon with more family en route. That said, I am eyeing these big ass sirloin steaks with a yearning the likes of our Border Terrier when he opened his 3′ rawhide gift last night. I think its safe to admit, a trickle or two of drool has escaped the corner of my mouth on a couple passbys of the kitchen counter. Just picture Homer Simpson and you’ll get the point of my view.

… Well, that said, I am beginning to hear some rustling from the kitchen, which means one thing… steaks are being prepared. So since my stomach is screaming for some juicy goodness, I must cut this short. Food is calling 😉

Stay Tuned…