Ahh, Occupy Chicago. This was a great evening. My fiancee and I had made our way downtown to get involved in the protests and to click away my 8GB memory card on all the action going on down there.

It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to burn through over 300 pictures on such an event. We come to learn there were over 2,000 protesters down here marching and chanting. Raising there voices high, so all could hear. It was an amazing feeling to be a part of this.

While we marched, Jane would hold onto by my backpack and helped steer me as I marched in reverse, taking pictures of all the marchers behind me. This was a fun technique and ended up working out for quite a few great images.

This photo here is actually one of my favorites. The motion, the array of people and the “IDEAS” shown on the tower in the background. This was “Ideas” week in Chicago. A week long celebration of artists and thinkers. How fitting right? It was definitely a fortunate combination for the photograph. 

Later that evening – shortly after we had departed – the good old asshole boys in blue came in and arrested over 100 of the remaining protesters. Ripping down tents, dragging a few away. Some voluntarily jumped on the buses to expedite the action. A very familiar image to those during Vietnam I kept thinking to myself. Anyway, sadly as I said, we had left by the time this had all transpired. So I was not fortunate enough to capture the arrests, or gain a set of shackles for myself.

Long live freedom of speech, press and assembly

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