Sorry again everyone for the recent up, down, up, down, nature of the website.
For the last couple of years, I have been trying to recapture my old domain name ( I stupidly let it go when I washed my hands of graphic design (got burned out) and another picked it up shortly after.
I got one opportunity to purchase it some time back, but the price was far to much for a “non-premium” domain name. So I just waited for the expiration date to run out, hoping that the old renewal button wasn’t engaged. Thankfully and much to my surprise, it became available last night and I snatched it up fast. Who knows, maybe after I informed them that I would not be spending the auction price for the domain and a lack of additional interest thereafter… maybe they decided it wouldn’t make them any money.
… My very excited gain.
So here we are good people, back up and going with the new and improved New categorized landing pages for my B/W and Color galleries and all around new excitement for the blog. I also picked up the .co version a few days ago in an attempt too, which is a large reason for the site outages. Toying with the DNS settings is a pain in the ass.
So, in the spirit of the recent domain name change, I thought it worth sharing some street signs. Here we have one of my favorite cross streets in the United States.
I miss San Fran… 😉

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