I thought I would talk a little bit about an activity that I have been working on for a few weeks.

Starting this past December 15th, I thought I would throw my hat into the fray of Google+ activities floating around. With the likes of Jeff Smith’s Selfy-Sunday and the other great, curated activities (PortraitTuesday, #365Project, etc)… Google+ proved to open itself up wonderfully to social themes and I love it.

So after a few months of really leaping into the fray of Google+ and enjoying the connections and exquisite work on there, I began to notice something about my browsing habits. As I watch the stream, I find myself drawn toward the images that have a back story associated. There is something about knowing how the photographer got the image. Or rather, a little about their personal experience during the shoot, that added a further punch to the image than it already had.

Now, there are many photographers out there – you may be one of them – who feel a photo should stand on its own. This is a fair statement and the “best of the best” should be capable. However, if for instance you run across an awesome street photo from somewhere … let’s say, Africa… wouldn’t it be interesting to hear what they have to say about that trip?

What if, while on location, that photographer contracted Malaria and captured the image while being nursed back to health by natives in a remote village. Would that not perk your interest more? If your saying no, quit your damn lying. You know that would be a bad ass story and one worthy of prideful boasting. 😉

Since we remain behind the lens, we often find ourselves telling our stories visually. That’s great and the point, right? But even some of the best images cannot represent what YOU, the photographer, went through to get the photo. I mulled over this a bit and thought, “why not harness the power of Google+ and its activities.”

From that, #PhotoCampfire was born.

This is still in its early stage, with the hope of garnering more contributors in the future. So let’s break down the wall and express ourselves, both visually and verbally (well… textually in this case).

Each Thursday forthwith – that means tomorrow, too – #PhotoCampfire will play host to your photo stories. It’s easy to participate and all photographers pro and amateur are invited – or rather urged to jump in the mix.

Do you have a great story… then take a seat around the campfire. Don’t hold back. So far, there have been some great photocampfire-stories from individuals like Suzanne Clements (who won a Free 12×16 print on the opening week. Congrates Suzanne btw), Sandra Buskirk and Monica C. These three have talked about their travels in Greece, the Everglades and a Zoo walk in Florida. Truly interesting and inspiring and I am dying to hear more.

How to Participate:(Google+) Every Thursday

  • Share a photo from your gallery. New or old, as long as you own the rights. 
  • Write a backstory, related to the photo 
    • Ex. How you got the image or an interesting situation during your walk/travels. 
  • Hashtag with “#PhotoCampfire” 
  • Share, Share, Share… lol… Let’s get more people to participate. Urge others to get involved. The more stories the better. 

#PhotoCampfire: Share a photo, tell a story