If you haven’t lived under a rock for the last few months, then I am sure you are already aware of the wonderful Kickstarter project funding site. Also if you have followed my blog, then you know I like to give back as often as possible in whatever way I can. By talking about great artists and highlighting wonderful projects, this allows me to bring fresh attention (however little there is on my blog *wink-wink*) to the great and wonderful minds that are out there. ;^)So without further rambling, I’d like to jump right into it.

This past week, I had a wonderful artist reach out to me with very kind words for this Weekly post and the Kickstarter program. Her name is Liz Caldwell and after a great discussion I found that she too has a project currently active on Kickstarter. More after the break….

So in the spirit of… well, me just feeling like it…. I’d like to showcase her project exclusively this week. đŸ™‚

Liz describes the project best in her own words, so I’ll just add that below:

Liz Caldwell: “I’m doing a cross-country road guide of America’s back roads, I’m going to be photographing scenic locations and sharing the exact GPS coords for others to experience. I think it’ll be a great way for others to discover all those great spots not normally found in the travel guides; and because it covers the 48 continental states, nearly everyone will be able to experience at least one of the locations in the book :)”

Don’t forget to check out Liz’s Google+ Profile.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you find any of these tugging at your interest, toss a few bucks their way and help out a fellow photog. If you run across any Kickstarter Projects that you feel should be showcased (or if you have one active), let me know.

Footnote: I want to stress this fact… I receive no kickbacks from any project creators or funding services. I just appreciate will power, a “go do” mentality and the ability to shake the big banks off ones back to create a pure unbias business.  Something different, ya know, and I absolutely love this grassroots funding service.