I am the kind of guy that really enjoys the ingenuity of mankind, particularly in the realm of gadgets’, gizmos’, doodads and doohickies for photography. A great example of this is taking a visit to the new Awesomeness, that is Kickstarter. Kickstarter is… well… an online conglomeration of upstart businesses, projects and inventions for future manufacturing. Or, another way to put it…. A bunch of smart, motivated cats, looking for other smart, interested John Q Publics’, rather than JP Morgans’ to get their business off the ground. I LOVE THIS!!!This is generalized mind you, leaving FAR more to be explained than I can in one post. So how bout we restrict my rambling for this post and simply ask you to take a jaunt through my list below and pull a wikipedia/imdb move by visiting the site and finding yourself surfing from one neat idea to another. Trust me, if inspiration nabs you, you will loose a lot of time (and maybe cash) as you check out what people have to offer. In the end, its worth every minute and penny.

The point of this post, aside from bringing attention to this neat site, is to spotlight some photography related doohickies and projects that really catch my eye. I intend to make this an annual posting, bringing you what I think are the most interesting projects I run across weekly.

Please note the deadline associated with each project. šŸ˜‰

So here we go… Let’s see if any catch your eye as well.

Here are fourĀ fascinatingĀ products in the progress of seeking funding. Some for photography in the field, some for post-production in the office.


I thought I would top it off with a very interesting Afghan Project, using Kickstarter to fund their documentary.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you run across any Kickstarter Projects that you feel should be showcased, let me know in the comments below.

Footnote: I want to stress this fact… I receive no kickbacks from any of these project creators or services. I just appreciate will power, a “go do” mentality and the ability to shake the big banks off ones back to create a pure unbias business. Ā Something different, ya know, and I absolutely love this grassroots funding service.Ā 

I figured, why note share the ones, I thought, were worth a look.