I thought I would jump ship from Kickstarter for a week and check out IndieGoGo a bit more. It looks to be a much more open, creatively focused crowd-funding service. The big difference between the two, seem to be making your goals and getting paid. Not to mention Kickstarter is a bit more selective in their allowed campaigns.

IndieGoGo, as opposed to Kickstarter, will release your funds no matter if you hit your goal or not. The big difference is the 9% they charge for under funded campaigns and a lesser 4% fee for any project that makes the set quota. Also, Kickstarter will not allow non-profits or self-serving promotions, such as charity based projects or to fund a new equipment purchase.

Pros and Cons aside, it looks neat and I wanted to give a shout out to some photography related project starters on this alternative funding service this week.

Give em a look and maybe a few bucks….