There is just something about a print that a digital photo can never match. Well, let me retract that, because we never know what the future can bring. But for now, prints are king in my book. The vibrance of color, the range of contrast… A print just brings out the best of your photos and MPix out of Columbia, Mo is one of the primary, best-in-class print shops I use consistently and highly recommend.

Personally I have been using Smugmug as my primary online print store… but its lacking for me. Not in features, or ease of use, but lacking in regards to the use of MPix. Which is something that is a hinderance for my quality control. Those cats have made some amazing partnerships with Bay Photo, WHCC, ezPrints and Loxley in the UK… All exceptional print services, I only wish they would add just one more in MPix… but alas, no addition yet. For this reason, the more I use the CoMo based print shop, the more I am leaning away from Smugmug. Maybe I am stubborn, but I just adore their service.

Their fast, their high-quality and their price is very hard to beat. Mind you, its not all roses over there. The ordering process could definitely use a more “present day” update and the way in which files are handled compared to the Smugmug account is very disappointing. Sometimes I feel like I am using a system, circa 2001. The listing procedure of sizes and quantity, or rather the entire interface itself is just archaic. Frankly though, their results make up for it in spades.

In the digital age, its obviously become all about flickr, 500px, Google+ etc… Any service that offers fast and efficient digital sharing. Take the picture and upload on the spot. Now, it has its advantages in quickness. But on the whole, if your an artist and not a service-centric photographer, then you want to show your work in the best, most beautiful manner possible and thats print.

Head to a gallery and check out the work…. Beats a computer monitor any day…. Nuff said. 😉