Had the opportunity to join in on an excellent photo walk with local photographers: Robert Martinez, Nima Taradji, Peter Tsai, John Cousert, Justin HagmanSusanne Frumin and many more… So much fun.

Image by Robert Martinez of http://www.picsbyrobert.com

I have been having so much fun going out with these great creatives from Chicago. Its times like yesterday, that (if possible) makes me love photography so much more. There is just something about going out with like minded people and talking shop, shooting this beautiful city and getting tips on how to get better with my technique.

The one downside from the day, was me being a big dummy right from the start by parking on the street downtown. The two hour limit on the parking meters kept pulling me away and eventually had me leaving early missing out on one of the best parts, coffee and reflection on the day with the group. Blah…. The irony is right after I initially parked and paid, I looked up and I had pulled over right in front of a parking garage that would have housed my car indefinitely throughout the day. Lesson learned. I won’t be street parking the next time.

Hopefully we get in another walk before I depart this wonderful city.

Now for some shots and some ice for the knees…

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