Thought I would jab at your eyeballs again with more shots from the emergency trip south.
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Interested side story: In Harrisburg, IL a class EF4 tornado decided to touch down. An area just north of my home town of Mounds. Anyway, my lil cousin attends college there (awesome baseball player) and rode the storm out in his dorm room.

Following the storm things got a little weird. When he and his roommates attempted to leave their dorm room it was found that they were blocked in from the other side. After some pushing around, they finally got out and what was it that was blocking their exit…. a Casket, believe it or not.

But the rabbit hole gets deeper. Apparently a semi-truck was passing by the area when the storm hit. The trailer was full of stage props. So thankfully the casket that blasted through the wall and blocked their door was thankfully, not occupied after all.

It’s things like this, you just can’t make up. But mother nature sure knows how to help you keep your head up in the eyes of tragedy and property loss.

Hope you enjoy the next wave.

More to come…