What a week and I guess, a good excuse as to the delay in my recent blogging.On Wednesday, as most already know, the midwest was rocked by a severe series of twisters popping up across many states. Unfortunately my hometown was a victim of one of these destructive powers and this called for a delay in my day to day normalcy.

In the end, everyone was safe and thats what matters most. Also my father’s self-built home stood toe to toe with an EF2 grade destroyer and mother nature was left wanting. Unfortunately, she didn’t have to want long, as she did get his garage. The house sustained a hole to the roof, some broken windows and a 2×4 stuck through the wall like a javelin. Needless to say, the house stood like a Boss.

The garage however lost its front automatic doors at the onset of the storm and then filled like a balloon, due to the pressure. The roof blew off like a volcano and with only the a clustered rope of electrical wire anchoring it to the structure, it lifted, spun on the axis created by the wire and landed upon a vehicle and porch directly adjacent. I must say, that cable was one hell of a home saver, as the 30′ airborne roof would have likely leveled the back of the house.

Anyway, that said, I am now back into the groove of life and my deep love of capturing interest with my lens. Over the length of this week, I will be uploading images taken during my trip back home. An eventful week that started with serious concern for my family and hometown… and ended with a memory card full of photos and the satisfaction of having a much needed (albiet bittersweet) visit with my dear loving family.

The first wave will appear here with more to come. Some are random images I thought were interesting and less about the damage, while others are specific to what destruction was left in the path of an F2 tornado.

My heart and thoughts go out to all affected this last week by the severe weather. Keep your head up and remain strong. This too shall pass.

Remnants of a Gazebo that once stood tall on the patio
Debris scattered throughout a nearby field
Round vintage window, in the grass
Stay Tuned for more…