Just realized that I have been derelict in a previous promise. To explain the reason for my recent hiatus. 😉

This past weekend we visited friends and family down south for our 7th Annual Cookout. Seven years… wow thats unbelievable.

Sorry to get all personal and sentimental. But this cookout is an event I look forward to the most, each and every year. A coming together of the best friends I have ever had in this world. As we grow up, we never seem to find friends quite like the ones we had when we were young. Especially how different, but connected we are.

Not a one of us take the our friendships for granted… after all these years we still find this annual day in April for all of us to drive, fly, train or what have you, all back to where we grew up. We cook under a different theme each time and there are never uncomfortable silences when we all get together. Each year it feels as if time merely stopped, and we pick back up exactly where we started.

I am a very, very lucky man to have friends like these.