“Train of Woe”

Its funny… some things we deem as careless mistakes, can be harnessed to inspire satisfying artwork. Here I have turned the issue of handholding a long shutter count into a bastion of new inspiration.

At the end of today’s walk, I started taking some images once we arrived on the underground train platform. After the first shot I realized my error. But I really liked the feel of the image. So I turned it down to about a second and started shooting with a fairly rough shake to the camera.

Needless to say I was getting into it, but wasn’t quite getting what I wanted on the platform. After we boarded, I noticed a young guy seated adjacent to the door who looked like he has had much better days than this one. So I thought I would stand in the middle of the train car and see if I could capture his emotion in this lil technique. About 2 or 3 shots later, I had exactly what I wanted and thought I would share it for you wonderful viewers.

Hope you dig the abstract approach as much as I do. Never dismiss a mistake. Sometimes they’ll inspire you to a place you never thought about before.