Sorry folks, I’ve been out of town a few days for an annual back home reunion. More on that tomorrow.

In this post, I would like to feature some images that were recently shared with me and to thank a wonderful client for their patronage… The images also show just how purdy these prints look when mounted up. 😉

Any time someone purchases a print from me, I always find myself crossing fingers to see how they choose to display the artwork. As an artist, a part of me is always curious of how my vision of the world meshes with the personality of those who appreciate the work. However and most importantly, for an art goer to enjoy my perspective on the world, so much so, that they choose to share it with their friends and family… That is the ultimate and without a doubt, most validating and warming compliment one could ever receive.

Thank you again Jerry. They look great and I am truly honored to share a wall with such a great looking piece of abstract artwork.


Note: The artwork to the right, as I am told, is a Brazilian abstract by “Verita.” A beautiful piece, but not mine. 😉