Last night we attended a live show at Roosevelt University, put on by a local sorority as a benefit against sexual abuse and violence. A wonderful cause and a great lineup to help bring attention to the event.

A good friend of mine’s is in “Walk the Talk,” one of those bands on the ticket and they rocked the damn house. With a “Girl Talk” style of music, they display a masterful mashup technique. Not for everyone I am sure, but its one hell of an intense presence they give on stage. Funny enough, their first song went on for 12 minutes as they decided to mashup part of the mashup set. Quite daring, but paid off in spades. After two more songs, the crowd asked for two more encores.

We had a hell of a time and it pains my heart that we’re moving and won’t see them play again for some time. Alas… If interested, please head over to for more info and upcoming shows. Highly recommended!

Sidenote: The venue wasn’t the best for backdrop and lighting, but its the tough shoots that help build those chops. 😉

Hope you Dig…

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