The Indiegogo Campaign has commenced!

Well after many days of editing and numerous drafts, our campaign has finally went live on Indiegogo. A service to crowd source funding for various personal projects and what a project this will be.

What’s going on?

After living in Chicago a few years and enjoying the city life, my fiancee and I have been given the unique opportunity to chase a dream. Whats the dream?… To drop everything and head west.

So this June… Jane, our dog Travis and I are kidnapping* my parents, jumping in a GMC Vandura and navigating one-way, over 2,000 miles from Southern Illinois to the San Francisco Bay. I will be documenting the people, the places and the open road throughout the tour. From this project, I will produce a collection of photographic work, including a “2000 Miles in a Vandura” photobook that will be available in both digital and hardback format.

The goal is to share with the world, the beautiful sights discovered on our tour of this beautifully diverse country.

What this campaign will cover is the gas, eats and printing expenses incurred while I bring these 2000 Miles of photographs to you and the world.

What’s in it for YOU!?

Prints, Photobooks, Smiles, Big Digital Hugs from Jane and I… hell, you might just get the recipe to my mom’s outstanding lasagna… maybe through my work, we can share a part of this adventure together.

So head on over to the campaign page, help us out and own a piece of the journey. 🙂