I do not generally work private matters in to this blog. At least in the past. But a recent event certainly deserves the most honorable action I can possibly bestow. A highlight on the only place I own, My blog.

I personally had the absolute HONOR of groomsmaning (is that a word?) the wedding of a wonderful, one-of-a-kind couple, this past weekend. As one with a photographic obsession, it took all ounces of my being to remain “clocked-out,” as some would say. To keep my camera out of my hand and just enjoy the moment. It was hard, but there were times, as seen from some examples above, that my habit got the best of me and some photos were snuck in.

Alex and Maggie have been together for nearly as long as Jane and I. Maggie is one of the dearest individuals in my circle of souls. She is the sister of my beautiful fiancee Jane and one of the sweetest people we could ever have in our lives. Albiet one of the most differing personalities to that my own. But I love her that much more for it. 😉

Alex is and will always be my honorary lil brother. I still remember the joy it brought me when speaking to him as he first debated the big Q, shortly after I dropped to a knee for Jane. From the day I met Alex, he has been one of those friends that I could never imagine being out of my world. His kindness and compassion is matched only by his commitment to those he loves and the joy he radiates to everyone around him.

We have all walked this path together, through good and bad… but being away from two of my favorite people in the world has become a reality of this relocation. One that has rang the hardest emotional strings in this ballad of my life. It will surely bring tears to my eyes the moment we depart from Columbia after visiting everyone for the last time (at least for a while) this coming Friday.

It has been one of the most humbling honors of my recent years, to share in the joy of Alex and Maggie becoming husband and wife. May the sun shine bright to warm all their days and the moon cast its refreshing blue bliss upon each of their soothing nights. Maggie, Alex, the families and all friends that shared in the coming together of two peaceful souls, will always be in my memories. Our experiences in the past and future will forever hold a coveted spot in my heart.

When thinking of each of you as a part of my family, my pride is surpassed by any attempts of verbal or written word. I love you guys so very much and will certainly miss you all dearly, as we continue through our distant adventures.

More images can be seen in the Hunter Wedding Gallery, with more images to come as the days progress and my processing is complete.