Welp, after a couple days of internet hassles, I finally got a chance to post something while here outside Santa Cruz, CA. It has been a hell of a trip and we are now on the final leg.

This video below is my first attempt at a “video blog” and the sad part is, I filmed it yesterday while in Barstow but didn’t get to upload until today. Hope you don’t fault me for that. I’ll have more to tell soon. Till then, please excuse the Mojave sun that I failed to notice blazing into the camera and my habit for rambling.

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/9Q9vCA7nh4g” border=”1″ fs=”1″]



PS: I’ve conceded to trying out the Instagram thing… It works for some situations. Quick uploads and quick edits. So, for this I don’t mind the template photography.