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Here is a perfect example of the power in social networking. Recently I posted a new photo from our trip through Boonville, Missouri (Bold Boonville) where I really pushed my usual approach to photographic frames. I really wasn’t even sure if it were something that people would accept and enjoy for the upcoming photobook.

Well, I was very much convinced of two things in the last 24 hours.

1. People do in fact enjoy my work when I push the boundaries and

2. Twitter rocks.

The latter I never believed I would see me saying. Twitter has always been a good way to post quick updates or lil quips… but its never really shown much benefit beyond there. Apparently the stars aligned for me this week to change that outlook. Yesterday in the early early AM, I posted up the Bold Boonville photo and followed, as I usually do, with a Twitter update of the post. Such updates will occasionally draw readers, but not as often as it once did in the heyday of Twitter. However, on this occasion a gentleman who writes for the Boonville Daily News happened to be searching for the very phrase, “Boonville, MO,” looking for a new and interesting story for the paper.

By happenstance my timing must have been perfect since he stumbled upon my image and it seemed to speak to him. He looked into my other work on my site, as well as my current 2000 Miles project and felt it worthy of a featured article in the town newspaper. I received the call while watching our dog Travis romp through the local dog park and I found myself floored as I hung up, awaiting an email to complete the interview that evening. A fire of excitement building in my stomach.

He was looking to put together a human interest story that would resonate with the readers local to Boonville and felt my addition of frames from the town into my upcoming photobook was just the story he was looking for. For this I was more than happy to oblige. I rushed home and got to work. Thankfully he sifted through my usual rambling style of writing and gathered my background, my connection to Boonville, my work, my goals etc… and through that, put together a wonderfully articulated article, portraying the project and my passion to the readers of the Boonville Daily News. For this I am greatly appreciative.

Its moments like this that helps me break through any artistic blocks that may stand in my way. Being reassured that my work, in how I portray the world will extend to a story that can grasp the attention of viewers is the ultimate compliment and brings with it further inspiration to continue on. We all have in us a need for validation whether we admit it or not and in these moments where people are appreciating the beauty of this world in the way the artist see it, comes with it that very validation we seek.Well, at least on the visual front, the feelings and inner monologe are for each person to add on their own accord.

Isn’t that what its all about? To take a frame, paint a piece or draw a picture that will both express beauty (or pain) that another can look upon and instantly connect with. Thats why I do what I do. To tell the story of the world around me for others to take with it a message in whatever manner they create.

The world is beautiful and ugly, but Art that brings that that raw vision to light will always make us feel alive.

Many thanks to Ben and the Boonville Daily News for this honor.