Today I had the pleasure of catching up with a fellow photographer that I recently became acquainted with… Henry Navarro and his good friends Rendy Lai and Jimmy (will update this once I get his link).

We ended up walking the Chinatown district for about 6 hours and another hour in the Mission of San Francisco. My feet may hurt, but it was one of the best times I have had shooting in quite some time. The area certainly offered itself up like a thanksgiving platter. SO many characters and amazingly unique faces. Each telling their own intrepid story. I even came back with one of my favorite street portraits ever taken. [above] … as well as one of my favorite fellow photog portraits. [below]

Much thanks to Henry, Rendy and Jimmy for the wonderful afternoon. Highly looking forward to doing this again soon.

One of my favorite fellow photog portraits – w/Henry Navarro

Another double photog portrait – w/Henry Navarro and Rendy Lai