Well, after some recent setbacks… we’ve been delayed a day.

Conversion vans, while exceptional for cross country travel, come with certain disadvantages. One such let down can be found in the electrical system. One that is so unbelievably complex that all can seem fine… until a single little problem throws a wrench in everything.

An example of such has reared its fugly head, in the form of a short circuit in the wiring system. It was first noticed when the radio display would disappear the moment the headlights were turned on. Then as things progressed, we began experiencing fuse burn-outs in relation to the brake lights and most importantly, the dashboard lights. Thankfully my father is a wiz with repairs… so while our trip has been delayed, the outlook is still bright.

So goes the usual luck of a Casper family adventure. Something ALWAYS comes up to hinder the way, but we always prevail. This will be no different. So I’ll just use this extra day to double check all my gear, charge my batteries and finalize my list of “photo-stops.”

Updates soon. Stay tuned.