Book layout is complete. So many hours of tweaking and editing, tweaking and editing, drinking and editing, tweaking and editing, etc… but I’ve finally got it to a point where I can walk away and not feel like I need to touch it any further. The ebook on the other hand has the format established, but I need to adjust all the photos to better work in an download and use fashion.

… I just don’t think a 200+MB file will be practical. 🙂

Everything should be up and ready by August 1. All individuals that contributed to the Indiegogo campaign will receive their ebook download links Tuesday. Ebook purchases will be available here on the website as well as a link to purchase the physical Book very shortly thereafter.

This has been such a wonderful project and one hell of a learning experience. Already looking forward to (and began) my next book project.

Off to Lightroom and Aperture I go…

For now… some Teasers which I am sure you have been looking for and how could I resist. 🙂