Update: I have decided to turn this manic evening of labor into an ongoing series. A new Project has arrived and I hope you choose to follow along. So keep an eye on the “All in the Eyes” Gallery Page for future (and constant) updates to this series.

After a late night of editing, I felt it worth while to … well, do some meditation work on the side. A little personal activity to get my mind off the ongoing 2000 Miles book. Just like anything that is generally fun, can in fact get a bit redundant and a need for secondary release must take place to clear the mind.

So I got to looking through my archives and noticed a pattern that I decided to exploit with a heavy lean on artistic expression. So after a couple hours, I came up with a series of images that express emotion through the eyes of my subjects.

I will let the images tell the rest of the story. Hope you enjoy the fruits of artistic meditation.