I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. In this particular rambling of thought, I see photographers as being cut from two different cloths. Not that such cloths cannot be sewn together to create an artist that incorporates both approaches… there are a ton of ways one can categorize a photographer, however in this vien at the base roots, I’m dividing a mentality that usually falls on one side or the other before you fire the shutter.

What I am talking about is a “Pre” or “Post” mentality. A manner of either thinking technically about getting it right in the camera before you fire, or focusing on the scene for a more post-production lean.

Maybe I am bias, but I feel neither dictates a better or worse photographer. Rather, a different mindset entirely during your approach. Some people simply hate sitting in front of a computer for hours on end, editing and tweaking, pushing this toggle this way, this toggle that way, adding a touchup brush here and there and so forth. These people want to get it right immediately upon capture and strive for that perfect “out of the camera” quality. Some call them “purists,” I call them “determined.” lol

The other type (me), the Post-Shooter, fires the shutter with… well… I guess you could say, “The Force”… I don’t really focus on the most technical specifics of the big three. When I am out and about, I’ll usually toss it into Aperture Priority and adjust for my preferred “bokah-ness” only. Even dropping it in the dastardly P mode, Gasp…. Personally I enjoy a ton of contrast, good stark darks and lights… Which to my taste, just ain’t done in the camera anyway. So alas, I capture the frame of the scene, while thinking about those toggles laters. I see faces in aspects of a LR development module… in a Neo like vision of the world. Just no crazy symbols…

Plus, coming from a background in Graphic Design and Fine Arts, the thought of patiently pushing and pulling at the helm of my laptop makes me feel right at home.

There in lies my endless love for Photoshop, Lightroom and the incredible, exceptional, genius that is Nik Software. Oh how I adore thee, dear Silver Efex Pro II. You are my golden ticket and when I shoot, I promptly run through the streets while my fellow paupers cheer me on, “Come on, Charlie! Hold on to that ticket! Run for it, CharlieRun straight home and don’t stop ’til you get there!.” Hmmm, it puzzles me why they call me Charlie… Maybe its because I’m swiss. Wait thats not right, I’m not swiss… Eh, its late and I’m babbling. I wonder if any of this even made sense.

Anyway, this was merely me typing from the mind … what do you think? If you understood any of this, then what kind of shooter are you?