While working on my current book “2000 Miles in a Vandura,” I find it difficult to sit still and have already began working on my next project. As a youth, I spent many years writing poetry and various bits of fiction. So in recent times, I have felt the urge to merge my past arts with my current arts. As such, I bring to you a mere taste of whats to come. I hope you enjoy depending on the results I might continue to incorporate this feature into my blog as I progress with this new endeavor, Photographic Poetry.


Depth of No Return

A bleak existence in an persistently abysmal, tormented state of retribution.
A thoughtless landscape of red and grey walking through the minds eye…
A sleeping daydream of constant sorrow
Toasting to its own accord
My enemy finds my achilles heel
And I feel…
Feel as though my time is come and given a chance
To wait…
Wait for an opening that is yet to be given
Through a raw flaw that is unknown to me
It is held tall
I’m exposed
As I stand shaking in fear
Caught in the headlights of life
My strife…
It holds difficult to bare
And I turn and sigh
My time has come to pass
I see no goal
This hole…
This hole in which I rest my left foot
Has opened further and further
The abyss as it stands
Yearning to engulf my full embodiment
Of lost obedience and wicked hands
Has latched about my torso and began to pull
Pull me down…
Down to the dark, cold vertical hallway
Spiraling into the ground


I want to extend a thanks to my dear friend and priceless fellow collaborator, Nathanael Card of NCard Creative, for assisting me as a wonderful subject for this photo shoot. This is by far one of the most relevant pieces of imagery I could ever attain for a poem I wrote nearly a decade ago.

Please let me know your thoughts below.