Giving the HTC One a spin with the WordPress app.

So far I dig the interface and the features at hand. But posting a photo from the phone, even on 4G is a bit to be desired. Had to post this once I got to a wireless connection. Kept receiving an error.

Oh well, I’ll keep trying. Next will be the video blogging feature.

Update: Looks like the app has more to be desired than merely the connection issue that I touched on earlier. Apperently not only does it also run into this issue sometimes when even connected to a wireless home network, but it also fails to keep the photo intended to be posted in the original post. I actually had to email the image to myself and post the photo from my macbook pro. Looks like I need to do some more investigating on how to get this application to work properly.

I still enjoy the stats and editing on the fly, but posting photos (sharing) directly after snapping is far to troublesome at the moment.

Either way, the photo I think turned out wonderfully. 🙂