Oh Amazon, your always coming up with something interesting. I was thinking about going the way of Carbonite recently and then you just HAD to do this. I already have an AWS account for photobook distribution, too. Soooo, I might just have to go full Amazon soon.

Amazon Glacier

Personally I have been on the fence with the whole “cloud service” option of backing up my archives. But the more I research these systems, the more intrigued I become. I have purchased (and returned) many NAS backup options. All of which being an absolute piece of shit and an easy reminder of how much easier and reliable just a bloody second/third external drive can be.

In my inner dialog, my biggest draw is if its backed up online, I presume like any backup cloud system, there are extensive measures in place to protect all the files. Something I think would simmer my constant paranoia of losing yet again, an entire collection. I’d go as far as to say, more so than any on-site and even off-site physical archive system. At least dollar for dollar, even across a few years of monthly payments.

I think my biggest issue is the still snail-like speed of uploading a library of files. But I would assume this would be – at worst – a problem on the first upload. Then each proceeding backup would be far less daunting.

$0.01/GB = Pretty Damn Nice

~$10.00/TB @ $120.00/Year, for 1TB of Highly reliable backup storage.

I’d take a guess and say even some of the most mediocre ~1TB Raid systems would set you back Far more over the course of its comfortable lifetime. The other biggie is that no matter what,  you just can’t get the instant ability to expand whenever you need… even at 3am, that this service can provide.

So here I stand, at the foot of two big pillars. To continue using solely my home based physical hard drive set up or just jump on the Amazon ship and spend the next week uploading everything I have. I only wish there was a much easier and quicker way to access files for editing. I think this could very well change my process.

We’ll see… I think Amazon has a winner on their hands here and I will keep you updated on my thoughts.