The eBook is COMPLETE. I must admit, with my overly detailed nature of analyzing each and every little faucet, I thought I would never get this finished. I am sure there are still errors hanging out in the book. But enough editing…. and without further talk… I bring to you my FIRST photo-ebook.


Summary from the 2000 Miles Info Page

After living in Chicago a few years, my fiancee and I were given the unique opportunity to chase our dreams in a new land. So we dropped everything, packed the van, attached the car and made way for the west coast. After this journey ended, I jumped right into creating a photobook to share it with the world.


Funny enough, returning to my passion was the easy part. Finding a project to challenge one’s passion… now that is an entirely different matter. Throughout the last couple of years, I’ve documented our time in various neighborhoods of Chicago. All the while, climbing the ropes in fine art, theater and real estate work. It’s been a great ride, but now we want to turn over a new leaf.

As a couple with nomadic tendencies, my fiancee and I are strongly drawn to travel. As luck would have it we found ourselves facing a unique opportunity to ride the wind, yet again. This time… the West Coast.

We initially left from Chicago to Mounds, IL and then on the first of June we made way north to St. Louis, across through Columbia, MO, around Kansas City, over to Topeka and down through the corners of Oklahoma and into New Mexico. We then roamed directly west through Santa Fa, NM and into Flagstaff, AZ… ending with a final leg through Barstow enjoying a night in the Mojave desert, then up through San Jose and San Francisco and finally landed at our new home in Alameda, California.

Through these endless miles of travel, I have put together a series of notable photos into this photobook. A work of passion it seems, as I have had a very difficult time in editing out what stays and what goes. That said and without further ado, I give to you the completed book from this 2000+ mile road trip to the sunny skies of the West Coast. 

I hope that you find this journey fascinating enough to throw out a few bucks and support my passion – by picking up the ebook or some prints… or maybe even the upcoming hard bound coffee table book, availability soon. 😉

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… till then, some examples of what you will find within my first photobook release.

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