Screen Capture from Flickr Main Page

Today, I popped into Flickr to upload some photos and stumbled upon something interesting and I need to tip my hat to them for this exceptional gesture. Apparently they are offering up a free three-month Pro period for all current users.

Personally, I am not a huge Flickr fan. I toss some photos in there while I carry out my usual production process. Sharing out to my usual services; Smugmug, website, flickr, G+, Facebook… that never ending cycle. I don’t visit the site nearly as often as I did when I first joined. Generally I’ll buzz through the occasional old group, or search out specific inspiration on occasion.

But I do enjoy the features of Flickr Pro non-the-less. The unlimited uploads and ease of use in sharing. Enough to continue paying for this service for a good while now and into the foreseeable future. With this, I get three months free, win win.

Hell, its worth at least three more months.

Take note though… It seems you got to go there and claim it to gain it.