Okay, subjectivity is about to come out in FULL force here. Now that the year has come to a close, I decided to use this time to share how far I got in the last 12 months. Last night I shared, what I believe to be my best image to date. Doing so got me inspired to look back on my 2012 collection and choose those I personally find “upper tier examples” of my approach. Let me know if I am as good at curating my own work, as I am at making it. Either of which I am sure will prove ho hum at best. 😉

2012 was a MAGNIFICENT year. On a worldwide scale, there was a wealth of awesomeness with the Mars Rover landing, a man jumping from space, the Higgs Boson discovery, legalization of Marijuana in the first two territories (states) in the world, first openly gay senator, more equality spreading through the land and so much more… On my personal side, it was just as good, if better even in some ways… This year I got my Olympus OM-D and dove into Mirrorless (LOVE IT – it’s my “precious”), turned a new page in my urban life/street work, moved from Chicago to San Francisco (cross country drive), found myself a good friend in Henry Navarro (an amazing artist, who also shot my wedding)… oh and yeah, I GOT MARRIED TO MY JANEY!!!

Sure did… on December 21, I embarked on a path I never thought I would. But 5.5 years ago I saw a girl trying to be silly, scrambling to get into a Fisher Price car and that began my slow crumbling of my anti-wedding wall. This beautiful girl ended up being my best friend and now my life long partner on the road of life. We chartered us a yacht and had some friends and family join us for a romp down the Alameda/Oakland estuary. The day was a bit rainy and windy, so it was too choppy to head out into the Bay. But it ended up better than I could have ever imaged. Next up… Westfalia (hint to things to come, 2013 will be big)

Anyway, enough of that sappy stuff. It’s time to get down to the brass tacks of this post. My favorite photos from 2012. Now these are in randomized order and it would be hard for me to say any one is better than the other. Its just the ones I was able to whittle down to a single post and feel satisfied in my choices.

You may have been following my image progression since I began camera totting exploits last year in August. If so, you have seen the path I’ve taken; jumping from technique to technique, diving into a menagerie of categorical subjects, filters, color black and white… all the way down to watching me get a feel for even Using the camera. Before September of 2011, I could then and now dance through the Adobe Suite like a confident Charlie Chaplin. But put a camera in my hand and my dancing degrades to the opening scene of The Dick Van Dyke Show. Fast forward to today and while I still stumble often, my abilities have began to hone up a touch… though learning will be forever.

Enough babbling and on with the images, eh?…

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Let me know in the comments what others you would add. 🙂

Now on to a new year… with new ideas, new locations, ongoing learning and so many beautiful new frames to capture…

Happy New Year!!!