Its been a few months since I acquired the almighty OM-D. Its due time to throw out another ramble of my thoughts on this lil gem and damn is it a gem.

Structure and Physical Resilience

It turns out this camera is a hell of a lot tougher than I initially gave it credit for. The honeymoon is officially way over and I no longer have those rose colored glasses that initially formed over three months waiting for this camera. But I want to make sure I say, its still an absolute joy to shoot.

So, you know how when that time comes around to get a new cell phone or laptop and you find yourself handling it as if it were a newborn child. A mere fall from the coffee table to the carpet below could nearly send you into cardiac arrest at this time. Well, that period officially ended about two weeks ago while on a walk down Webster here in Alameda.

On this highly unfortunate day, I neglected to use my wrist strap. A foul choice I will not be making again any time soon. While coming down the sidewalk toward home, I snatched a couple photos of some passerbys. While engaging in conversation, the unsecured jewel hung in my hand like a loaf of bread and took a bad angle as something caught my eye. It spun over the pad of my palm, I made a vain attempt to rescue it with my other hand and in a rare failure, it took a stomach high drop to the concrete below. Ouch, ouch, ouch…

My skin began to crawl as if a thousand ants just entered my mind. I’m sure a number of beads of sweet formed quickly above my brow and my heart pretty much stopped. By the time I shockingly picked up my wounded child, I had already convinced myself that it was ruined, never to venture into the urban wild again. I was aghast when I come to learn that it took that spill like a Boss. Sans a couple of nicks here and some blemishes there, the only true damage dealt was to the hotshoe. One of the wings must have taken the heft of the fall and curled inward. Connections still work and it seems to of only created a little difficulty in sliding a flash in. Though, its nothing a pair of plyers can’t fix.


So I moved on, in awe of its resilience and grabbed a few more shots before ascending the steps to our apartment. Naturally, I went through the whole, “I’ll never sell this now, if ever I want to supplement my next upgrade…” or simply having that sick feeling because your beautiful shiny new camera is now flawed and less shiny. Over time though, you realize this is merely character. Like scars on a warrior. It shows work, shows history, an active life.

I guess in the end, what I am saying in the ramble above, can be summarized here…

  1. Never get upset if your camera takes a spill. As long as it continues to work, then those scratches, dents and nicks are just testaments that your lil beauty has not only seen the street, but without skipping a beat, has felt it as well.
  2. The Olympus OM-D E-M5 is built like a tank. FACT!

On to other new outlooks of the OM-D.

Long Exposure and the Live View

This portion of the follow up review will come from a test run, now rather dated as of now. But a good example none the less. For instance, I really put this area of the Oly OM-D to the test while outside Barstow, in the Mohave Desert.

From that evening I decided to set up far from our campsite, attempting to get away from a bit of the light pollution near by. Sadly one can only get so far, plus a bloody gas station poured out far more than I would have desired, but alas.

Now, I will be the first to admit, its not exactly the best piece in the world, as far as long exposure is concerned. But I still dig it. This is due to a couple of issues.

  1. 20 minute limit on Long Exposures! What the Hell is this Olympus. Really? I’m not digging that. On Bulb, I want to open up that shutter as long as I see fit. Unfortunately, as of yet, I have not found a way to continue beyond 20 minutes on my dear E-M5.
  2. Could the processing be any more painstakingly slow? Think of it this way. A 1 minute exposure, takes about the same to process… A 5 minute exposure, takes about 5 minutes to process, et cetera… and yes, 20 minutes, you can cook and eat dinner while this is all going on.

The latter problem was the worst. Especially if something goes wrong such as the random late night walker with a flashlight that buggard up one of mine at the 12 minute mark. Cost me over 20 minutes in wasted time between the ruined image and the process wait. Yes, I could have switched it over and on again. But I prefer not to interfere with the device during the writing process.

The versatility of this little guy is great though. Nothing like lugging a big ass bag around and when your heading out for some sky shooting or the like, your likely to be doing a bit of walking. Having but a fraction of the weight you get from a DSLR kit is a major plus. But not necessarily a “Long Exposure” related advantage.

Live View, Long-Exposure… This I must say, is absolutely wonderful. Being able to keep an eye on the progression, is a major plus. It updates on a durational scale, so you can actually adjust how quickly you wish the screen to refresh. I tip my hat to Olympus with this gem of a feature. Though it can be quite a bit low quality when previewing, its still a wonderfully handy feature.

Speed on the Street

In a word – Exceptional…

In other words, I wish I could tell you…

… After a couple hours typing, my WordPress editor crashed and lost anything beyond this point. So, lets just call it at this and I’ll update more in time.