Its that time of year again… for the eye popping 2012 Plus One Collection. A handsomely curated collection of photographs from many talented artists around the world. A project established by the Bay area photographer, Ivan Makarov. Each image, an individual personal favorite by the taker, is donated and curated into a collection, all to be sold in eBook and select LE coffee table book form.

This is the second edition.

Last year all proceeds of the highly successful project were donated to the Kiva foundation, this year all proceeds will go toward the Kilgoris Project. An absolutely wonderful project to donate cameras to children in Kenya. Find out more Here

Last year there were over 500 images submit to the project and this year Ivan has doubled his number to nearly 1100. Absolutely stunning, as is the quality of the work that will cascade the pages of the upcoming photo book. The mastery of the lens by all those involved in this project leave this book worth every penny and more. Go Here, to see the fully gallery of awesomeness submit to this project and go Here to see the 295 images selected to be printed.

As a quick aside – Astonishingly enough, my “Old Man” piece, seen above, was in the group selected for printing. A surprise that has certainly left me extremely grateful for the honor of being printed along side the very artists I have long admired and who truly inspired me to lift the camera to my eye again. My many thanks to the judges and those that appreciate my work.

I must say, after seeing the wave of beauty that you will see in this book, I recommend heading over to Ivan’s Indiegogo Campaign page and pre-order a copy for yourself. I can guarantee that no art lover will be disappointed in this well placed $99 purchase. Plus, since the campaign has already reached its goal and the publishing is now paid for, your money will go directly toward a magnificent cause. Win-Win

My deepest congratulations go out to Ivan and his team for their exhaustive labors in putting this all together. I also give my compliments to all the great artists who donated photos that continue to leave me in awe.

What are you still reading for… get in there and take a peek at the Plus One Awesomeness