RiseSutra Baths - San Francisco, CA

Location: Sutro Baths – San Francisco, CA
Gear: Olympus E-M5, Sigma (legacy) 35-70 f/2.8

As I as shooting the water and testing out some long exposures with my newly discovered Wielder’s glass (repurposed), by wife noticed this brave guy climbing to the top of the giant cliff face off the beach in the Pacific. From out perspective he was a tiny dot on the rock, but with my recently rediscovered Sigma legacy glass… I was able to reach out there and snatch him up.

I shot a handful of images of him as he startled the birds and began posing for some of his friends who were a ways down the beach, away from me. After all the shots, I found this one to be the best. The pose, the birds, the contrast… It just all turned out perfectly.

I highly recommend checking out the image in full size format, over at my Smugmug gallery (just click the image above to go to the gallery). His silhouette up close is gorgeous.

Anyway, enough rambling… I hope you enjoy…