Recently, I leapt into the “Tumblr” realm and have really taken a liking to the service. In parallel with the titans (G+ and Facebook), the community over there offers easy “following” and “liking,” as well as the wonderful simplicity. Its like a visual Twitter. The irony is, I’m not even really a fan of Twitter.

The biggest advantage I find here, is the isolated, endless stream of images. There are many other advantages there, but this isn’t a review and if I don’t stop now, I’ll likely start a path down that rabbit hole. Not really up for that at the moment.

So with this month of use and a recent realization that while sync sharing on G+ and FB are worthwhile… doing the same between two blogs just proves to be tedious and redundant. Two things I do not want to have take place. Simplicity, efficiency, streamline. Otherwise, people just don’t know where the new stuff is coming from. We’re all on G+ and/or Facebook (and for me that won’t be changing anytime soon), but I don’t want to have you going out of your way, bouncing between two places to see the new daily imagery I have to share. Also in time, once the archives catch up, the posts will truly pass into the dual-site realm of redundancy.

My resolution… since street and urban work currently rest upon the pillar of my passions, I will simply focus all my 365 street sharing to my Tumblr blog, “Don’t Like the Pavement,” and then my ranting, more textual story telling and maybe even some “event” planning, will be shouted from the peak of this page. Hint Hint: Workshops coming soon. This is a direction I have been wanting to take this site for a while now. I guess only recently have I decided to get off my ass and address the gaps in my process.

I even got me a snazzy new domain name to mount on my new tumblr wall…

Say hello to

M43Street Screenshot

How ya like that domain grab? I know, me likey very, very much… 🙂

From this new hole in the digital wall, I plan on sharing at least one street image, every day, at least thats the intention. If you have visited my page often over the last year, then you will have seen many of those that are currently streaming through the service. I decided it worthwhile to revisit my old work and share new work in tandem. We’ll see how this goes 😉

As for this main site, I will be focusing more on textual posting. Getting my rambling juices going and share some stories, talk more about street photography, my techniques, equipment, others experiences, others techniques, da da da… you get the picture. Gonna be fun to share my experiences in words and video again.

I’m looking forward to this new approach to the passion and the way I share it.

PS: For those who enjoy my work away from street photography (landscapes, architecture, beaches, etc..), I will still be sharing featured print quality images, sprinkled throughout. But do keep an eye on the SmugMug gallery for work you may not have seen before and new work that I post often.

Also, be sure to like my Facebook Fanpage and follow my G+ Profile for feeds of my posts. Thank you so much for your interest in my work.

Now get out there and take some pictures… But do come back and visit again soon.