Dumpster Art Collection: 2012 – Mental 312

Ego Kills Talent-L

Dumpster Art Collection: 2011 – Ego Kills Talent

While living in Chicago, I had a fascination with the dumpsters throughout the city’s winding alleys. There was so much graffiti everywhere. Yes, in many ways, this is a severe detriment to personal property, but on dumpsters, to me… they were canvas backs for colorful and creative art.

It was always a blast to “create art, around art” and thats why I had so much fun walking the alleys of the Windy City.

This is one thing I have discovered about the Bay. Its cleaner.

I don’t mean this necessarily as a net positive, in this particular avenue of midnight ramblings.

Mind you, there are a number of areas one could go to get some simply mind boggling, fantastic wall art here in the Bay – Haight Street comes to mind, in a flash – but thats a different kind of graffiti. Its fine tuned, polished, gorgeous. But that grit you get on a Chicago trash box, thats just not prevalent out here.

Good… Bad… Depends on perspective

To this, I salute you Chicago … Deep within your nooks and crannys, you’re one dirty SOB. But for a photographer with my interests. That’s alright with me.

I’m not sad I moved from you… No sir, you can keep that weather… But I am sad to lose easy access to those alleys.