The 2012 edition of the Plus One Collection.

A massive and magnificent collaboration, established by Ivan Makarov and eventually a full team of 15 volunteers. By harnessing the creative magnet that is Google+, Ivan’s Plus One Collection brings forth submissions by over 1000 photographers from around the world. Each sharing their best of the best from the year past, in numerous styles, ability and genres. Ranging the gamut of landscapes, street, portraiture, conceptual, architectural and much more.

It all started last year when Ivan first introduced this wonderful project. All with the intent for charitable help. From the first edition, all proceeds were sent to the Kiva foundation (Totaling over $10,000 on the first go round). This year, Ivan and the team chose to distribute the funds to the Kilgoris Project. By the time the 2012 book was done, the total submissions had doubled over previous year, as did the resultant proceeds. A HELL of a one-two punch.


The designs, the submissions … all are elegantly done and well laid out. There is definitely nothing else out there quite like it.

This year, I was honored with the acceptance of my submission, “Old Man.” My personal favorite from the year past and it proved to be amongst a group of equally favored photos. I must admit, its a mighty prideful moment to thumb through a book, where I share the pages of Trey Ratcliff, whose very artwork supplied me with my first “hit,” so to speak and induced my addiction to photography. Thomas Hawk, whose 1 million image life project and firing rate, I find to be impressive and awesomely intimidating. Olivier Du Tré and his serine, high contrast, black and white landscapes … Rafael Concepcion and Nicolsy and, and, and a host of hundreds of fellow talented and creative photographers, that I could seriously just keep going on about all night.


Above all though, what really broadens the smile.. its knowing that in this project, our donated works benefit two great foundations that are truly working for the good. I find that to be such a rare opportunity these days, and that feels great.


My thanks to all the photographers who graciously submit their work to this project and a big thanks to Ivan for establishing this wonderful project and allowing me to lend a hand. The editing was as much fun as a day out on the streets for me. A perfect chance to take in each and every piece and dive down some Google rabbit holes, learning more about these very talented artists.


To anyone out there with an itch for viewing something beautiful, I highly recommend checking out this book. To suit your taste, there is an eBook available for quick access and pages directly to your favorite pocket device. I would say… nothing looks as Eyepopping, as a photo will on paper.

Head on over to… and pick up a copy for yourself. Best $99 Bucks you’ll spend this month.